Project Management and Deployment Services

CBG Solutions

Network Infrastructure

All businesses require a solid network to enable their business. Whether it’s a simple internal network with guest access or a multi-site enterprise-grade network with advanced features, we’ve got solutions to fit all needs and budgets.

Server Infrastructure

Depending on your business you may need a server to take your functionality to the next level. We help you decide between on-premise or cloud and design an architecture that scales with your business.

Application Design

At some point, many businesses need an application such as a warehouse management tool or inventory management solution. Let us help you design and implement your system to ensure longevity.

Office Move Support

Nobody likes moving, especially businesses. Odds are if you’re moving it’s to make room for more employees, inventory, or both! Let us take on the logistics for everything IT. We’ll work weekends or after hours to ensure you experience the least amount of downtime possible.

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